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SPX | Cooling Technologies

UNEX supplier of SPX

UNEX is the official representative for SPX in Austria.
SPX Cooling Technologies is the leading full-range supplier of cooling towers and liquid coolers. For over a century, they have provided high quality cooling solutions for power generation, industrial and HVAC.

SPX Crossflow Cooling Tower

Crossflow Cooling Tower

  • part load operation possible
  • quiet operation
  • accessible & easy to maintain
  • pre-assembled options available
  • short delivery lead time
  • hanging unglued film fill sheets
SPX Counterflow Cooling Towers

Counterflow Cooling Towers

  • small footprint
  • high performance with various water qualities
  • short delivery lead time
SPX Field Erected Cooling Towers

Field Erected Cooling Towers

  • Field-erected cooling towers offer greater cooling capacity per cell compared to factory-assembled cooling towers
SPX Fluid Cooler

Fluid Cooler

  • cooling water inside a closed coil
  • low sound operation
  • standard product
  • short delivery lead time
SPX Plume Abatement

Plume Abatement

  • Less piping for lower installation costs
  • less operating weight
  • Offers efficient cold water temperatures

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