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20 Years
20 Years


High quality - High performance combined heat-transfer solutions

The UniSystem range of heat-exchange equipment is designed to offer one-stop complete solutions in efficient heat transfer situations. The UniSystem WRG is leading technology, offering major savings, preventing energy being literally poured down the drain, released into the atmosphere or pushed out of a chimney - both environmentally and financially. Each system is individually designed as required. No two situations are identical, the demands of process as well as limitations of space vary from system to system, even within the same plant the UNEX expertise ensures the correct results for you. Many customers of UniSystem return for complete plant heat concepts and solutions.

Unisystem WRG

Product pictures

Facts and pros

  • energy saving
  • environmentally friendly
  • dryer exhaust of up to 25%
  • condensate recovery at the steam boiler
  • use of high-quality UNEX heat-exchangers
  • simple installation
  • fast return on investment
  • money saving
  • waste water saving of up to 50%
  • recovery from exhaust gas
  • compact design, built around existing equipment
  • proven in use around the world
  • minimal maintenance
  • possible “Green Grants“

Product sheets

There is currently no product data sheet available.



  • Heat recovery from soap-cycle
  • Heat recovery from rinse-cycle
  • Pre-heating of feed-water

Exhaust gas

  • heat recovery from dryers
  • heat recovery steam boilers


  • Intergrated condensate recovery

Further uses
To find out about other uses please contact your UNEX partner.

Technical request

We are happy to advise!

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