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The key to any modern thermal energy system is the ability to transfer heat – at the required temperature, at the required time.  All exchangers are produced to the highest quality standards, ensuring a long, reliable and safe working life. A wide range of exchangers are currently produced as standard variants, covering all applications within the modern thermal energy field.



  • highly turbulent flow behaviour
  • optimal self cleaning effect
  • highest possible heat transfer
  • high-grade materials


  • high heat transfer coefficient
  • low pressure drop
  • construction for individual applications
  • made of high quality, pressed stainless steel plates


  • For the condensation of refrigerants in commercial and industrial refrigeration systems
  • depending on the application
  • suitable for refrigerants (Frigene) and ammonia (NH3)


  • very versatile
  • low maintenance
  • variety of materials ensure a long service-life
  • good self-cleaning
  • high media velocities


  • particularly suited to the demands of food
  • surfaces free of deposition
  • designed to fit in confined and restrained areas
  • hygienic design
UniTube Pharma

UniTube Pharma

    • prevents mixing of the media involved in the process
    • Cross-contamination is precluded by the double-tube-sheet
    • Horizontal and vertical design
UniSystem WRG

UniSystem WRG

  • efficient heat transfer situations
  • offering major savings
  • Resources are conserved
  • is individually designed as required


  • official representative for VAHTERUS OY in Austria
  • space-saving advantages
  • for the most demanding heat exchange situations
  • produces an innovative range of exchangers with modern thinking


  • UNEX supplier of SPX
  • Crossflow Cooling, Countflow Cooling, Field Erected Towers
  • Fluid Cooler
  • Plume Abatement

Current uses of UNEX heat exchangers include:

OEM - Original Equipment Manufacture

UNEX is the chosen partner of a wide range of manufacturers:

  • Domestic appliances
  • Renewable energy 
  • Automobile

Plant construction, heating engineer

UNEX cares for the individual:

  • Remote heating networks
  • Heat recovery and reuse
  • Solar heating systems


UNEX understands the needs of large-scale production:

  • Pharmaceutical
  • Petrochemical
  • Food process

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