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Understanding heat exchangers and their use is not just a matter of the technical expertise that UNEX has gained through the knowledge, education and experience of its staff within many industries; getting to the root of your needs is something that we excel in.
Many customers are aware of their requirement for a heat exchanger, but are unaware of the range and use of the modern options, that’s where the expertise and product range of UNEX comes into its own.

When would it be better to use a shell and plate exchanger instead of a shell and tube? In which situations are nickel brazed heat exchangers better than a copper brazed units? Which certification is required for which application? Should I buy a “Sports model” when a “Family run around” is all I need?

The team at UNEX are able to find the correct solution and the complete solution technical and commercial – for all customers, whether sole trader or multinational.

Heat Exchangers

The key to any modern thermal energy system is the ability to transfer heat – at the required temperature, at the required time. UNEX has a special range of heat exchangers, specifically designed and built to achieve maximum efficiency, especially for the demands of heat conservation, use with multiple heat sources and speed of heat transfer. All exchangers are produced to the highest quality standards, ensuring a long, reliable and safe working life.
A wide range of exchangers are currently produced as standard variants, covering all applications within the modern thermal energy field. UNEX research and development engineers are constantly striving to improve the product range and are happy to bring their experience and expertise to guide OEM customers – from initial planning, through development, production, implementation and further development.

Standard Solutions

With customers in many different industries requiring rapid supply of high quality heat exchangers and accessories, the UNEX range of standard heat exchangers covers most of the needs for many users. Within the standard product range a large stock of finished heat exchangers are always held on stock, helping ensure the fastest possible delivery times.

Special Solutions

UNEX is able to configure heat-exchangers to match the exact needs of the OEM customer.
The flexibility to arrange the type and amount of connections to meet the requirements allows the OEM customer complete control when designing a new system – for example a mixture of threaded and braze connections, provision for a temperature sender or positioning of connections on the rear of the exchanger can be integrated.
Highly efficient insulation can either be supplied in combination with the heat-exchanger, or provided later by the customer. Tailor made solutions for the individual customer.

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